Association SEVEN

Bulgarian non-profit organization


Workshadop sddTsdsahe Film Poster


Our workshops are normally 3, 4 or 5 days long and are led by prominent film professionals from Bulgaria and abroad. They are dedicated to kids, university students and young professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge about the seventh art.

The logo of our Film Workshop Program was created by Jerzy Skakun and his studio homework.



ANIMATION WORKSHOP (FOR KIDS) 2016, led by Radost Neykova and Sofia Ilieva (Bulgaria)

SCREENWRITING WORKSHOP 2013, led by Leonardo Stagliano (Italy)

THE FILM POSTER WORKSHOP 2010, led by Jerzy Skakun (Poland)

ANIMATION WORKSHOP 2008, led by Phil Mulloy (UK)

FILM ACTING WORKSHOP 2007, led by Amanda Brennan (UK)

FILM CRITICS WORKSHOP 2007, led by Petya Alexandrova (Bulgaria)

MASTERCLASS ANIMATION AND ADVERTISING 2007, led by Tomas Conde (Spain) & Zlatin Radev (Bulgaria)